Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Silly arctic vortex.

It's been way too cold to function normally outside. Cold enough that just walking out makes my fingers feel like they're going to freeze and crack off, and my cheeks get all frozen - not good. It always makes me afraid that I'll have another episode of Bells Palsy. =/ I was once told it can be triggered by cold, so I'm wary of these frigid temps.

Anyway, they haven't been great for much motivation, but I've been doing alright as far as my portioning and eating alright. We haven't started the 8 weeks to less processed foods thing yet, mainly because I actually want to get the majority of processed stuff out of our apartment beforehand to make it a bit easier - and less tempting. We've been doing ok - just ok - on not eating out all of the time. But yesterday when we ate out, I got a wrap and subbed out my fries for a salad. I don't like fries much these days, anyways, so it's not really a hard substitute for me when I do enjoy salad quite a bit.

I should be getting my student loans in tomorrow so that I can order my books. I'm a little nervous about the semester starting on Monday, but we got everything worked out so that childcare is covered without us having to pay out of our asses, so that's nice. Thank goodness for amazing friends coming through to lend a helping hand. I'm also planning to pay off and pay down some debts so that the next few months are manageable, and because we'll be putting away all cards unless we really need them, there's no reason to think that we'll be too hard off financially as we step into our more "responsible adult" shoes.

I'm also planning to become an IPC for doTerra oils! I'm super excited... These oils are little miracles in vials, totally pure, all natural.. most of the ones I've had exposure to smell pretty good, but best of all, they promote health! I'm going to start adding some of the Slim and Sassy oil to my water to help with my weight-loss journey, and instead of using medication to treat my depression/anxiety, I'm going to be using some of their blends - and actually have been using them for a few days now.

I can definitely tell the difference in my mood.. I'm really, really loving the mood boost and more energy. =) I'm thinking that'll translate into some exercise motivation soon! I'm also going to start making my own cleaners once all of the ones I have are used up - less money spent in the long run, and less chemicals to expose me, Mr. A, and my tiny heart to. That's always a plus.

One thing I really, really need to work on more... Water intake. It seems to be a steep-hilled battle for me at this point. How is it possible for one person to be so forgetful? Oi.

Mr. A and are going to sign up for the ElectroDash5k, so we're going to need to start training soon. It should be really fun to run to electronic dance music decked out in glow sticks all rave-style, right? Par-tay in the streets and all that jazz. Haha. The other ones I wouldn't mind doing are the CASA Superhero run and the Color Me Rad. Food for thought. =) Who'd have really entertained the idea of ME running? Certainly not I, but definitely something to strive for.

Well, we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow, what with the construction workers coming in to install a new furnace and apparently cut holes in our walls to lower the vents? I have no clue. I just nod my head, smile, and hope they don't mess up our stuff.

Happy Hump Day to y'all!

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