Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year, new layout, new blog start.

Hello there, 2014. I hope you're a better year than 2013 was by a long stretch - just know that I plan to make the very best of your presence either way, and I will strive to make you my best year yet. 

You may have noticed that all of my previous content has been deleted - this is because I felt like I needed a fresh start in this space. I don't want to consider my new lifestyle change anything other than just that - an actual lifestyle change. It's not a diet. It's not turning myself into a war machine overnight. It's a gradual transition from totally unhealthy, wanting to be healthy, to being healthy because I'm realizing my wants to be healthy. Does that make sense?

I've come to the conclusion that I cannot expect perfection from myself. I can only expect accountability and responsibility. Every day will not be perfect, but I will do what I can to make each day count in my journey. I look forward to blogging again, and the excitement that each milestone gave me before when I did this, and I'm hoping to re-integrate myself back into the blogging "scene" so that I can support others, and hopefully gain some support myself. =)

I'm looking forward to catching up with some old friends, as well. It's been too long.

In the interest of protecting the sanctity of my name for my future occupation, I'll only be going by A from now on, and my husband will be Mr. A, my daughter simply L. Not that I intend to post anything that'll be terrible, of course, but I've become more aware of how things that I say can be construed and I'd hate to lose a job opportunity based upon my internet identity. That wouldn't be cool at all. ;) 

In any case. I can hardly believe my little peanut is now 16 months old, changing with each and every day. She's learning new skills, and perfecting older ones... But I think, as of today, she may actually be getting tired of her own messes! Haha. She keeps sliding on the stuff she throws on the floor and it makes her mad. Truly, cutest thing on earth, but I hope that's the case so she picks up after herself.

I thought I wanted to do my yearly goals/resolutions today... But I don't. I'm kind of tired, and I'm still thinking on them quite heavily, so I'll take a few days to process them while sorting through the most recent of life's curve balls. 

Much peace and happiness to you all this year! May 2014 bring you great tidings. =)

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