Friday, January 10, 2014

Long day.

Today didn't go exactly as planned. The construction team that's been working on our complex came in at 7:30 this morning to replace our furnace, stating that it would only take two hours. Since we had some grocery shopping to do, I figured that'd be alright and we'd give them some extra time while we did some of our major errands. Fast-forward almost five hours later, and they were still here when we got home to bring in groceries. This put us in a pickle - poor little L desperately needed a nap, and it would've been great to be able to make lunch in our own apartment... But instead, we decided to go ahead to the bank (which is like 30-45 minutes away) and run more errands that we'd planned anyhow, but wanted to intersect with lunch and nap time.

We ended up walking around the mall there (which let me tell you, with a toddler strapped to your front, is QUITE the work out!) and looking around to kill time. It was a nice little deviation from the ragged running of errands, but we left because our little one was having sleepy-induced meltdowns and we were getting kind of hungry. We did splurge a bit and get Auntie Ann's cinnamon pretzel bites, but I think Fate decided to step in and literally bitch slap them out of Adam's hand in order to tell us it wasn't something that we actually needed. Well played, Fate. Well played.

We got home a second time, and they were STILL in  our apartment. This was eight hours later. I felt so bad for L, she just kept rubbing her eyes and whining and laying her little head on me... We ended up taking her to my mom's house, where we thought for sure she'd nap with her Nana, but it didn't happen. Instead, we went out to dinner as a family, and had many more meltdowns, followed by a little additional shopping for things that we'd forgotten in the frenzy. She's now peacefully nestled in bed, as I should be but am not... Sigh. I'm finally losing this strange wind that came on me and kept me awake! Hooray.

Today, I became an IPC for doTerra oils, officially. I should get my kit in the mail by Monday or so, which is extremely exciting. I have a few (prospective and new) customers lined up already, and maybe even a friend who wants to enroll under me, so that's pretty incredible. I'm hoping for big things with doTerra, though I'd honestly just be happy with the 20% discount on products! Haha. I've been using the Balance and Serenity at bedtime, and Balance and Elevation when I wake up... it seems to really be helping my moods out, and for that, I'm very grateful. I can't wait to try some of the other oils for the different uses - I've been using too much ibuprofen lately, so I'm sure my liver would thank me if I gave it a break while treating my headaches naturally.

I tried the Slim and Sassy oil in my water last night. Note to self: pay attention to how much you're using! I can't really tell it's in there while actively drinking, but it's got a nice, minty aftertaste. I don't mind it, but the amount that I used (in my defense, I couldn't see the oil coming out, so I just kept shaking it.. ahem) caused a bit of heartburn. Still, I enjoyed it.

Speaking of Slim and Sassy... I'm entering their Slim & Sassy 2014 competition to lose weight! It spans from January 15th-April 15th. That's four months, and I'll have to use the Slim & Sassy oil and two other products - which won't be hard for me, because I planned to use them anyways. I'll give more details later.

For now, I think I'm going to hit the hay. I'm actually tired! Yay! It only took it being 1:20 in the morning for it to happen.. perhaps mama is the overtired one..? ;)

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